From Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to 1:1 Laptop Learning Initiative

The Mobile County Public School System’s 1:1 Laptop Learning Initiative seeks to provide 21st Century learning tools (laptops) to all students to support the attainment of the Alabama State Standards and 21st Century Skills.

We seek to provide a laptop for every student to enhance the educational experience. We believe that it is our responsibility to prepare students for all life paths, including future education and future careers. We believe we must provide students with the skills necessary to adapt and change in our ever-changing world.

1:1 Device Mission

The 1:1 Laptop Learning Initiative's mission is to collaboratively foster learning with an engaging and challenging environment that will prepare our students for middle school, high school, and beyond. The student device will enable teachers to create a student-centered, student-driven environment that encourages innovation and creativity. In an ever-growing, globalized society, students will be able to use their district-provided device as a gateway to information and as a means to collaborate with others. The staff will be provided with continual support and professional development to develop high-quality instruction for all students.

1:1 Device Goals

The purpose of the Mobile County Public School System is to equip and empower college and career ready graduates. We believe this includes providing students with the tools necessary to adapt and change in a world that changes rapidly. The Mobile County Public School System’s 1:1 Laptop Learning Initiative has these academic goals:

  • Enhance the overall school experience, generating enthusiasm, and a more positive learning environment for students;

  • Empower students academically by providing them with 21st Century learning tools;

  • Provide technology equity to students by providing meaningful access to learning technology resources for students;

  • Prepare students for the workplace of the 21st Century;

  • Prepare students to be safe, responsible, and innovative digital citizens;

  • Engage students in real-world problems by collaborating with others in the classroom and across the world;

  • Enable students to take responsibility for their learning;

  • Provide students with the tools to be successful in their future endeavors in higher education and careers.