Chromebook Care and Responsibilities

Please read the Chromebook Handbook and Student Laptop Agreement for full details of students' and parents' responsibilities for loss, damage, and theft of assigned Chromebooks. The following are highlights.


  • Students are responsible for the general care of the district- or school-owned Chromebooks they have been issued. Chromebooks that are broken or fail to work properly should be taken to the school's designated reporting/repair area. For K-5, report all problems to the classroom teacher. For grades 6-12, students should report problems to the library/media center. Chromebooks should never be taken to an outside computer service for any type of repairs or maintenance.

  • Insert and remove cords and cables carefully to prevent damage to connectors.

  • Do not write or draw on, apply stickers or labels to, or otherwise mark up or deface the Chromebook.

  • Do not remove or alter any school or district tags or stickers, and let your teacher know if they are loose or damaged.

  • Your child’s Chromebook will have a service tag/asset tag to identify it. Write this number down so you can identify the Chromebook. Do not remove this tag!


  • Chromebook should be fully charged when you arrive to school each day.

  • When charging your Chromebook at school, be mindful of cords - avoid tripping hazards.

  • Use only approved chargers.


  • Keep food or drinks away from your Chromebook.

  • Close the lid/screen when moving your Chromebook, unless instructed otherwise by your teacher or administrator. Don't worry - it "wakes up" quickly!

  • Check the keyboard before closing the lid - objects (pens, pencils, keys, coins, paperclips, etc.) left on the keyboard can crack the screen when closed.

  • Place the Chromebook in the school-issued case before storing or transporting.

  • Don't carry or hold the Chromebook by its screen.

  • Handle the device carefully. Screens can crack not only when dropped, but also when twisted or subjected to pressure from stepping or leaning on them. Don’t stack other objects (books, binders, etc.) on top of the Chromebook.

  • Don’t leave the Chromebook in places of extreme temperature, humidity, or limited ventilation (e.g., in a car) for an extended period of time.

  • Make sure the Chromebook is secure when it is out of your child’s sight. Don’t leave it in an unlocked locker, a desk, or other location where someone might take it.


  • Clean the screen and the rest of the Chromebook with a soft, dry microfiber or anti-static cloth. Do not use commercial glass cleaners or any other liquids.

  • In case of an accidental liquid spill, ____________

Protect Your Account!

  • Close the lid when you leave your Chromebook unattended.

  • Don't share your Chromebook with anyone unless instructed to by your teacher or administrator - and then be sure to sign out first.

  • Never share your password with anyone. If you think someone else knows your password, change it as soon as possible.

File Storage, Computer/Internet Activity, and Privacy

  • Store your files in your MCPSS Google Drive or OneDrive accounts whenever possible. Don't leave your work in the Chromebook's storage. MCPSS is not responsible for files lost if your Chromebook is damaged, crashes, or needs to be reset or replaced. But files stored in Google Drive or OneDrive will always be available.

  • Even though the Chromebook has been issued to you, it is still a school- or district-owned device and subject to inspection at any time. There should be no expectation of privacy when using your MCPSS Chromebook, the MCPSS computer network, Microsoft or Google services, or any other district technology resource. All files, images, music, videos, and internet search activity should be appropriate for school when using district tools and resources - whether at school, home, or elsewhere.


  • For all 12th grade students, Chromebooks and any related accessories must be returned to the MCPSS by the last day prior to graduation of the current school year.

  • If your child withdraws from the MCPSS during the school year, you must return the Chromebook and any related accessories before your child’s last day of attendance. The Chromebook and accessories must be returned in operable condition, with all parts intact. If your child fails to return the Chromebook and any related accessories, the MCPSS may, in addition to seeking reimbursement from you, file a report with local law enforcement.