Schoology for Parents

Schoology is our Learning Management System (LMS), the online system that allows teachers to provide resources, make and grade assignments, communicate valuable feedback, and more. Students use Schoology to access and explore learning materials, practice skills, take assessments, submit work, and more.

Schoology is provided by the Alabama State Department of Education as part of a state-wide adoption of the Powerschool line of products and services, including the PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS) that will be available starting in the 2021-22 school year. We have been using Schoology for the past school year and are looking forward to this incorporation of more Powerschool tools - like the direct communication between the Schoology gradebook and the Powerschool SIS (grades get recorded automatically!) and the increased access to actionable student performance data by teachers, administrators, and parents.

Please explore some of Schoology's guides and frequently asked questions:

These short videos were developed by Schoology especially for parents:

Schoology Cofounder and CEO, Jeremy Friedman, talks about our mission of continuously advancing what is possible in education.

An overview of the features and tools available to users with a Schoology Parent Account.

Learn the basics of using Schoology to communicate with your child's school and instructors.

Let's take a look at some important distinctions between Parent and Student Accounts in Schoology.

Note: This video includes the use of Schoology messages between parents, students and teachers. Some schools and districts disable this feature – in which case communicating via Schoology messages will not be possible.

Everyday Better - Parent testimony based on real use cases