Schoology for Students

Schoology is our Learning Management System (LMS), the online system that allows your teachers to provide you resources, make and grade assignments, give you valuable feedback, and more. You will use Schoology to access and explore learning materials, practice skills, take assessments, submit work, and more.

The following videos will help provide some basic information for getting started and getting around with Schoology.

You can also visit Schoology's Student Support Center for more detailed help. Use the search box at the top of that page or click through the articles at the bottom.

Back to School with Schoology

Welcome back to School with Schoology. Let's take a look an an overview of what you can do with your Student Account.

Student Course Navigation

Let's take a look at where some important things are inside your Schoology Course.

Student How-To: Participating in Discussions

Let's take a look at how to participate in a Schoology Discussion.

Student How To: Locating and Submitting an Assignment

Let's take a look at how to find assignments on Schoology and submit to them.

Student How To: Google Drive Assignments

Let's take a look at how to access and submit a Google Drive Assignment in Schoology.

Exploring Schoology - Student Demo